The company was born from an idea by Donato Riviello, already professionally active for several years as Architect and Site Manager; the strong passion and experience learned in the construction field, led him in 2014 to found the Ripa Construction Company.

The RIPA group is soon established in the Roman scene: with the collaboration of experts and luminaries of the urban, construction and environmental sector, the company focused on the installation of buildings and / or garages and apartment renovation works.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial successes, the RIPA group has grown more and more, successfully joining also in the realization of luxury residences and commercial offices.

Today, Gruppo Ripa is a strong and dynamic company, able to give life to proposals, both residential and non-residential, which have in common aesthetic and functional quality and are able to combine innovation, stability, investment security and full environmental sustainability.


The RIPA group is born from the meeting of two managers who have combined their economic and urban - building skills giving life to valid real estate initiatives.

The success of the first jobs has incentivized the group to invest more and more effectively in the real estate activity, with the aim being to work at 360 degrees in this area, providing full customer satisfaction, at all levels.

The mission lies in the quality of the final product, which distinguishes it from other competitors in the sector: the structure stands out in fact for the involvement of high-profile professionals who work in synergy in order to produce a complete service, from the analysis and development of the project , to the determination of the position, to the management of the economic-financial aspects up to the realization of the work.

Affiliated Companies of the GRUPPO RIPA
Affiliated Companies of the GRUPPO RIPA

Organization Chart

Amministratore unico
Donato Riviello
Segreteria & Gestione del personale
Rag. Marina Capogreco
Contabilità cantiere & Gestione acquisti
Geom. Fabio Mamma
Direzione Tecnica
Direzione cantiere
  • Arch. Michele Cataldi
  • Arch. Francesco D’Ambrosio
  • Geom. Luca Piconi
Capo Cantiere
  • Geom. Luca Piconi
  • Geom. Mauro Piconi
  • Geom. Simone Coppola
Capo Squadra
  • Sofariu Ovidiu
  • Aciuraritei Marcel
  • Nedelea Marian
  • Stefan Ioan
Responsabile ufficio progettazione
Arch. Valeria Zicarelli
Responsabili progetto
  • Arch. Michele Cataldi
  • Arch. Francesco D’Ambrosio
  • Arch. Manuela Pascale
Assistenti alla progettazione
  • Arch. Giulia Sorcioni


Donato Riviello

Architetto | Presidente del Gruppo RIPA

Luca Piconi

Geometra | Direzione cantiere

Valeria Zicarelli

Architetto | Responsabile ufficio progettazione

Manuela Pascale

Architetto | Interior Designer

Michele Cataldi


Francesco D'Ambrosio


Giulia Sorcioni


Marina Capogreco


Fabio Mamma


Simone Coppola


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